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Theatre Nursing

Theatre Nursing

Theatre Nursing

Theatre nurses are nurses primarily focussing on operations, surgeries and procedures. Theatre nurses work primarily in hospital operating theatres and anaesthetic/recovery areas; however, they can also be involved with procedures on wards, clinics or in other specialist areas. Theatre nurses work as party of a large team that will include surgeons, anaesthetists, operation department practitioners (ODP’s), theatre support workers and porters.

Theatre Nurses can also specialise in a specific area – perioperative care can be divided into four phases:

Pre-Operative (pre-assessment):

During the preoperative assessment, you’ll make sure a patient is fully informed about the risks and benefits of the operation and that that they are in a good state of health for surgery. You’ll provide information about the operation and give the patient the opportunity to ask questions. This also reduces the risk of a late cancellation and resources being wasted.

Anaesthetic phase

During this phase, you’ll primarily support the anaesthetist but also prepare any specialist equipment, devices and drugs. You’ll also assess the patient immediately prior to the surgery.

Surgical phase

You’ll be responsible for a number of roles during the surgical phase including:

• preparing all the necessary complex instruments and equipment including microscopes, lasers and endoscopes

• working with the surgeon to provide instruments, needles, swabs and other materials as required 

• responsibility for the surgical instruments, equipment and swabs 

• act as a link between the surgical team and other parts of the theatre and hospital.

Recovery phase

Following the operation, you’ll:

• offer the patient care and support upon arrival on the post anaesthetic care unit

• monitor the patient's health

• providing appropriate care and treatment until the patient has recovered from the effects of the anaesthesia and/or surgery

• assess the patient to ensure they can be discharged back to a ward

• assess the care given during each of the perioperative phases

At Trust Nurse Services, we are actively seeking experienced Theatre Nurses of all areas' to join our growing team. We have work available all across the UK so take at a look at our Active Work Available or call our team on 01438 419150 to discuss suitable work opportunities that are specific to you and your needs.

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Want to be a part of our team?

We have thousands of nursing & healthcare agency bookings available across the UK for experienced Nurses’. With a variety of locations available whether you’re looking for full time regular rotas or flexible shifts, we have the work for you!

Our Nurses are at the centre of everything we do. They help us to deliver the best possible care to our clients. In return, we offer you excellent benefits, such as:

·                  Excellent pay rates across the UK

·                  Advance & Block Bookings

·                  24/7 support

·                  Revalidation and CPD support

·                  Specialist clinical training opportunities

If you would like to work alongside our fantastic team of specialist Nurses to support our clients, click on the link to view active current jobs and apply. A member of our team will contact you within hours.

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