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About Us:

At Trust Nurse Services, we are focussed on delivering the statement of which our company stands for; Trust us, Trust our Nurses and receive the quality of service that you expect.

Whether you are a Nurse looking for work or a client looking for assistance with qualified staffing. Trust Nurse Services are here to help.

We believe in high standards, excellence in patient care and an all round honest and integral approach from us, our nurses and our clients, ensuring that we work as a unified team to achieve nothing less than the best!

We work across the Health & Social Care Sector, providing temporary, contract and permanent, qualified and unqualified healthcare professionals to: NHS & Private Hospitals and Residential & Nursing Care Facilities.

Trust Nurse Services was established to provide bespoke services within an ever evolving industry.

For our Nurses:

  • Individualised work plans tailored to meet your areas of expertise; lifestyle commitments and expectations so that you receive the best work at the best times to suit you!   
  • Personalised service to provide you the confidence in knowing we will ensure we meet your requirements and expectations!
  • Confidence in the knowing that you are working for an esteemed organisation who have priority contracts in place with our clients, guaranteeing you the work you need!   

For Our Clients:

  • Explicit recruitment & retention plans, specific to you and only you.
  • Pool of available nurses that are allocated and committed to your requirements and not filtered else where.
  • Continuous key contacts who are conversant in all aspects of our service; from availability of nurses, compliance statuses, right through to credit control. Obtaining all the information and answers you need from just 1 call.

For the patients:

  • We ensure that all of our Nurses are trained, qualified and capable in line with the Nursing & Midwifery Councils Standards of Conduct; to ensure the highest standards of practice and care are are provided at all times.
  • We work in partnership with others to protect and promote the health & wellbeing of those in the care of our staff, their families and carers and the wider community.
  • All representatives of Trust Nurse Services act with integrity to uphold the reputation of our profession. The care of people is our first concern; treating them as individuals and respecting their dignity.